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September 22nd, 2020 - 5:31pm


Free Performances

May 7, 8, 14, and 15
House open: 7 pm PDT
Show begins: 7:30 pm PDT

All performances will be held on Zoom. Links will be provided upon registration.


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All performances will be held on Zoom, and links will be provided upon registration. ASL interpreting and captioning will be provided.


Directed by Molly Noble
Written by Molly Noble and the Casts

A collaborative, live storytelling event created by College of Marin students, faculty, staff, and designers. These stories explore the theme of Windows through several lenses: history, architecture, personal memory, dreams, social justice, music, metaphor, poetry, and science. Bring a pencil and paper, a beverage of your choice, and a comfy chair!

This 65-minute show will be delivered in three acts:

  • Act One: Stories, Songs, Poems, and a Surprise or Two.
  • Act Two: (Breakout Rooms) An opportunity to meet your fellow audience members and share stories in our very own COM Zoom Lobby.
  • Act Three: More stories, songs, poems, and an opportunity to share a story of your very own.

Please feel free to refresh your drink and join in as the spirit moves you.

Director's Note

Thank you for participating with us in this storytelling experiment. We’re exploring themes from the student’s point of view. During this troubled year, the metaphor of Windows spoke to us all since we’re either looking in one or looking out on our devices, in our houses, on late-night walks in our neighborhoods, and even in our own mirrors. In a year when we couldn’t be live together in the theatre, we wanted to create connections with our audiences through the Zoom format. We hope we’ve been able to create these connections. 

All Windows stories, songs, and poems are written by our student and community actors.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in person in the theatre as soon as it’s safe and joyful! Thanks for joining us!


Cast and writing team, in order of appearance

  • Elizabeth Bond Bishop
  • Marilyn Hughes
  • Dan DeGabriele
  • Juliette Lachica
  • James Montellato
  • Priya Ivles

Madame Fenestra is our host for the evening, with special appearances by her Great Auntie Fenestra.

Artistic Staff

  • Director: Molly Noble
  • Set Designer: Ronald Krempetz
  • Technical Director: David White
  • Audio/Visual System Designer, Audio Engineer, Implementation and Operation: Ernie Ernstrom, Eek n Ack, Inc.
  • Sound Designer, Chief Sound Operator: Billie Cox

Production Staff

  • Stage Manager: Jack Kelly
  • Poster and Title Card Graphic Arts Design: Roger Dormann
  • Production Prep (Sets and Props): Jack Kelly, Ytzen Gabriele Ramirez Vasquez, Alexandra Weitman
  • Administrative Assistant/Publicity: Kim Foulger
  • Box Office Staff: Molly Noble, Kim Foulger
  • ASL and VITAC Interpreters: Courtesy of Nature of Interpreting


Very special thanks go to The Rosenberger Family Fund, Coney HQ, Lisa Morse, Kim Foulger, Sienna Siciliano, John Prine, Shook Chung, David Attenborough, Ron Krempetz, Keith Rosenthal, Huda Al-Jamal, Gaby Ramirez, Diane Barnes, Jon Demegillo, Emilie Talbot, Eric Martini, Michele Samuels, Carrie Fisher Coppola, Bob Guilbault, and all of the students of Drama 160.

Many thanks to Elle Dimopoulos of Student Accessibility Services (SAS), Kirsten Gisle, and Candice Hansen (Human Resources) for their guidance with ASL and VITAC Interpretation services.