Arden of Faversham Ranch

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September 22nd, 2020 - 5:54pm

Arden of Faversham Ranch

By Author Unknown
Directed by Lisa Morse

It’s a dramedy that’s set in Texas in the 1980s about a woman who takes on a lover and together they plot the murder of her husband! This 16th-century soap opera is full of shenanigans and is based on real events.

Stay tuned for details regarding the virtual performance of Arden of Faversham Ranch. We will post a link here for our viewers to enjoy the show for free as it becomes available.

Meet the Casts

  • Alice
    Alexandra Weitman as Alice
  • Arden
    Frederick Lein as Arden
  • Franklin
    Katherine Rupers as Franklin
  • SusanYtzen Gabriele Ramirez Vazquez as Susan
  • Shakebag
    Robert Molossi as Shakebag
  • Greene
    Steven Price as Greene
  • Lord Cheiny
    Michele Samuels as Lord Cheiny
  • Mayor of Faversham
    Pennell Chapin as Mayor of Faversham

Alexandra Weitman — Alice, Arden's deceitful wife
Frederick Lein — Arden, Gentleman of Faversham Ranch
Peter Warden — Mosbie, Alice's Ardent Pursuer
Katherine Rupers — Franklin, Arden's trusted friend
Luke Baxter — Michael, Arden's Servant, a scoundrel
Ytzen Gabriele Ramirez Vazquez — Susan, Mosbie's sister
Landers Markwick — Black Will, well, the name says it all!
Robert Molossi — Shakebag, trouble!
Steven Price — Greene, not to be trusted
Emmet Kalish — Clarke/Reede, a painter and sailor, a devilish co-conspirator
Raysheina de Leon-Ruhs — Sailor, Ferryman, Adam (landlord)
Michele Samuels — Lord Cheiny, Arden's friend
Pennell Chapin — Mayor of Faversham