Arden of Faversham Ranch

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September 22nd, 2020 - 5:54pm

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Revised and Directed by Lisa Morse. Author Unknown.

It’s a dramedy that’s set in Texas in the 1980s about a woman who takes on a lover and together they plot the murder of her husband! This 16th-century soap opera is full of shenanigans and is based on real events.

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Director's Note

Arden of Faversham Ranch has been quite an adventure! Due to the restrictions related to COVID-19, we were unable to rehearse or perform together, so trusted colleague Ernie Ernstrom, along with Drama Program faculty and staff, came up with a plan B. Rather than try to turn a conferencing tool like Zoom into a theatre space, we transformed each student’s home into a studio set. Thanks to the generosity of the college, we were able to purchase mini green screen studios with cameras and sound equipment that went out to ten homes. Those studios became our stage as each student’s performance was captured live and then layered into a digital background. Considering the fact that students could only hear their scene partners and not see them, they managed to create an amazing production!

The learning curve was quite steep and this new way of assembling a show, to my knowledge, has never been done before here at COM. I am incredibly grateful to the artistic staff and actors who worked on this production. Each and every individual took on an enormous amount of work to make this show happen and I could not have done it without them.

Thank you for tuning in to the production and I hope you consider contributing to our program. Our inability to produce our usual season of shows will have a negative impact on our budget for years to come. Your donation can make a difference in the types of plays and musicals that are available not only for our students to perform but also for our community to enjoy. Please make a generous donation to the College of Marin Drama Program at the conclusion of this performance.

Meet the Cast

  • Alexandra Weitman
    Alexandra Weitman as Alice
  • Frederick Lein
    Frederick Lein as Arden
  • Peter Warden
    Peter Warden as Mosbie
  • Katherine Rupers
    Katherine Rupers as Franklin
  • Luke Baxter
    Luke Baxter as Michael
  • Ytzen Gabriele Ramirez Vazquez
    Ytzen Gabriele Ramirez Vazquez as Susan
  • Landers Markwick
    Landers Markwick as Black Will
  • Robert Molossi
    Robert Molossi as Shakebag
  • Steven Price
    Steven Price as Greene
  • Emmet Kalish
    Emmet Kalish as Apprentice/Clark/Reede
  • Michele Samuels
    Michele Samuels as Lord Cheiny
  • Raysheina de Leon-Ruhs
    Raysheina de Leon-Ruhs as Adam
  • Pennell Chapin
    Pennell Chapin as Sheriff

Cast of Characters

  • Alexandra Weitman — Alice
  • Frederick Lein — Arden
  • Peter Warden — Mosbie
  • Katherine Rupers — Franklin
  • Luke Baxter — Michael
  • Ytzen Gabriela Ramirez Vazquez — Susan
  • Landers Markwick — Black Will
  • Robert Molossi — Shakebag
  • Steve Price — Greene
  • Emmet Kalish — Apprentice/Clark/Reede
  • Michele Samuels — Lord Cheiny
  • Raysheina de Leon-Ruhs — Sailor, Ferryman, Adam
  • Pennell Chapin — Sheriff

Artistic Staff

  • Director: Lisa Morse
  • Set Designer: Ronald Krempetz
  • Costume Designer: Pamela Johnson
  • Lighting Designer: Walter Holden
  • Multi-Media Designers: Ernie Ernstrom, Jeffrey Brown, Ronald Krempetz
  • Video Editor: Eric White
  • Equipment Manager: David M. White
  • Sound Designer: Billie Cox
  • Properties/Stage Dresser Designer: Marguerite Finney*
  • Stage Combat/Movement/Intimacy: Richard Squeri
  • Set Photographer: Robin Jackson
* COM Alumni


Production Staff

  • Stage Managers: Michael Kessell, Jack Kelly
  • Set/Lighting/Costume Construction: Luke Baxter, Raysheina de Leon-Ruhs, Kyle Gibson, Emmet Kalish, Jack Kelly, Frederick Lein, Landers Markwick, Robert Molossi, Steve Price, Ytzen Gabriela Ramirez Vazquez, Katherine Rupers, Michele Samuels, Peter Warden, Alexandra Weitman
  • Publicity: Kim S. Foulger
  • Graphic Designer: Roger Dormann
  • Drama Administrative Assistant: Kim S. Foulger

Running Crew

  • Light Board Operator: Walter Holden
  • Sound Board Operator: Ernie Ernstrom
  • Stage Crew: Noah Brown


All weapons and/or unique fabrications are generously supplied by Richard Squeri, Flowing Dragon Swords / Stage Combat Instruction.

Music Credits

  • From London – KPM (1956-1977)
  • Bruton Music Library (1978-1980)


Very special thanks go to Greg Nelson, Jonathan Eldridge, and all the folks at the College of Marin Fiscal Department that help us maintain and grow our program. Many thanks to Patrick Ekoue-totou, Ferhat Indi, Matthew Kent, and everyone else in COM Information Technology Department who helped to make this possible. Also, special thanks go to Stephanie Ahlberg* for the use of her home as our set photo backgrounds; Kathy and Sven Bors-Koefoed for their Texas background locations; Bananas at Large for their quick assistance with the microphone stands; and Petaluma Collective Antique & Military Mall for the use of their store for photo backgrounds. Many thanks go to Michael Wunder, Wunder Lighting and Controls, Inc.; David Lincecum, VP and President of Marketing Electronic Theatre Controls; David Patterson, COM Library; and Shirleigh Brannon. It obviously takes a village!