Hunting and Gathering

April 5th, 2021 - 2:09pm


First produced by Primary Stages, New York. Hunting and Gathering is produced by special arrangement with Broadway Play Publishing Inc., NYC

Performance Dates

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April 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24
7:30 pm PDT

April 11, 18, 25
2 pm PDT


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By Brooke Berman
Directed by Lisa Morse

Every New Yorker quickly learns that real estate is not easy to find in this town! Brooke Berman addresses this issue with bracing wit and intelligence. Join us as we follow four young, single, funny, independent, and determined players who try to figure out their fly-by-night housing accommodations as proof of their independent spirit. There’s romance, comedy, and fear. Who will end up with whom and what will be the price of their commitment? You’ll find yourself cheering them on, as they find their way and their home in this Big Apple state. 

This play contains occasional, casual use of profanity.

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Meet the Cast

  • Piper Gilmore
    Piper Gilmore as Ruth
  • Sleiman Alahmadieh
    Sleiman Alahmadieh as Astor
  • Alexandra Fry
    Alexandra Fry as Bess
  • John Diaz
    John Diaz as Jesse

Cast of Characters

  • Piper Gilmore — Ruth
  • Sleiman Alahmadieh — Astor
  • Alexandra Fry — Bess
  • John Diaz — Jesse

Artistic Staff

  • Director: Lisa Morse
  • Assistant Director: Alexandra Weitman
  • Set Designer: Ronald Krempetz
  • Costume Designer: Pamela Johnson
  • Lighting Designer: Walter Holden
  • AV System Designer/Audio Engineer: Ernie Ernstrom
  • Multi-Media Designer: Jeffrey Brown
  • Video Editor: Eric White
  • Equipment Manager: David M. White
  • Sound Designer: Billie Cox
  • Properties/Stage Dresser Designer: Marguerite Finney*
* COM Alumni


Production Staff

  • Stage Managers: Sienna Siciliano, Jack Kelly
  • Set/Lighting/Costume Preparation: John Diaz, Sleiman Alahmadieh, Alexandra Fry, Piper Gilmore, Jack Kelly, Emilia Rivers,  Alexandra Weitman, Ytzen Gabriela Ramirez Vazquez
  • Publicity: Kim S. Foulger
  • Graphic Designer: Roger Dormann
  • Drama Administrative Assistant: Kim S. Foulger

Running Crew

  • Green Screen Prompt and Continuity: Alexandra Weitman
  • Lighting Assistant and Continuity: Emilia Rivers
  • Audio Assistant and Continuity: Huda Al-Jamal
  • Stage Crew: Huda Al-Jamal, Emilia Rivers

Music Credits

  • APM/Cine Library


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