Our History

50 Years on Stage

Since its inception in the Fall of 1964, the College of Marin Theater Arts Department has produced some of the most exciting and provocative theater seen in Marin County. Literally thousands of students have attended the College’s Theater Arts classes and our alumni have been successful in all fields of theater and allied arts. Among these distinguished alum are: Robin Williams, David Dukes, Kathleen Quinlan and David Ogden Stiers to name a few. Currently we have students all over the world working in repertory, film and television, directing on and off Broadway, teaching theater in high schools, conservatories and universities as well as attending such institutions as Julliard, North Carolina School of the Arts, and New York University.

Highlights and Distinctions

The Theater Arts Department presented an original play - Eleven Variations on Friar John’s Failure - by one of its students, which is subsequently published by Playscripts and given a full run at the College.

The entire campus participated in an interdisciplinary study of the 1960s (politics, arts, culture) culminating in a production of HAIR which features2 directors, 2 choreographers and 2 music directors, all faculty members. The 600 seat theater was sold out every night.

Nicholas Nickelby is the first college production to win a Bay Area Critics Circle Award.

A round-the-clock reading of Shakespeare’s complete works featured Robin Williams performing A Comedy of Errors as a solo piece.

Taming of the Shrew, wild west style, was invited to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It won the Best Production and a command performance was given for Princess Margaret.

Former Students Who Work Professionally in the Field

Robin Williams, Academy Award-winning film and TV actor and comedian
Kathleen Quinlan, two-time Academy Award Nominated Film and television actress
Joel Blum, two-time Tony Award nominee
Daniel Stewart Sherman, four time Broadway, as well as film and TV actor
Wendy Robie, Stage, film and television actress (TWIN PEAKS, Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Canada)
Paul Schoeffler, Broadway actor (Capt. Hook in PETER PAN)
The late David Dukes, Two-time Tony-Award nominated stage, film and TV actor
Grant Albrecht, stage and film actor
Steve Barclay, Lecture agent
Yuri Baronovsky, Playwright (Most performed play – 11 VARIATIONS ON FRIAR JOHN’S FAILURE)
Ishiah Benben, Film actress
Sharon Boucher, Actress and community theatre director
Bart Braverman, TV actor
Kale (David) Brown, TV actor
Dena Burke, College Professor
John Chapot, Film and theatre grip
Mark Clark, Artistic Director, Novato Theatre Company
Patti Colombo, Broadway Choreographer (PETER PAN)
Robert Cooper, Screen writer, puppeteer and creature maker
Vikki D’Orazi, Local actress
Bob Dickey, Film and TV actor
Dodds Delzell, Actor and art director
Deborah Faw, Professional singer
Patrick Faw, Art Director, television
Anthony Fusco, Stage and TV actor, Company member ACT, San Francisco, Marin Theatre Company
Danny Mastrogiorgio, Stage, Film and TV Actor (LAW & ORDER)
Heather Gordon, Miss Marin County 2008 and Bay Area actress, graduate of Harvard’s ART program
Kristen Greer, Stage actress
James Harper, Stage, Film and TV actor
Leaza Haydock, Lighting Technician
Leslie Hendrix, Stage and TV Actress (Regular on LAW & ORDER)
Richard Howard, Actor, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Steve Irish, Professional actor
Jeffrey Josephson, Film actor
Kent Kay, Professional TV set designer
The late Denise Kirchner, Professional properties and costume designer
Karen Kizer, Drama Instructor and local actress
Anni Long, Actress and former local President of the Screen Actors’ Guild
Joe Lucas, Professional actor and teacher
Lee Ann Manley, Professional stage actress
Dakin Matthews, College Professor, professional actor and playwright
The late John McDill, Professional actor
Howard McMaster, Professional actor
K.B. Mercer, Artistic Director, Traveling Lantern Children’s Theatre, San Diego
Judy Navas, Chair., Sonoma State Drama Department
Judy Nichols, Artistic director, community theatre, Bremmerton, Washington
Soren Oliver, Stage actor
Gregg Olsson, 3D computer graphics artist, Pixar Studios
Elaine Orth, Professional dancer
Marcia Pizzo, Stage, TV and film actress and voice-over artist
Matt Randall, Community College Theatre Instructor, east coast
Alice Rorvik, Professional actress
Pat Ryan, Film and theater grip
Kathrine Selig, Stage Manager, Joffrey Ballet
Barry Sherman, Stage and film actor
David Silverman, Director and choreographer
David g. Smith, Drama Instructor, Drake High School
Christy Strahan, Television producer
Kim Taylor, Theatrical publicist
Ted Weiner, Radio host and program director
Alissa Welsch, Drama teacher
Robert A. Williams, Jr., Sound Engineer
Karl Wolfesberger, Union Stage Hand
James Young, Stage actor
Jonathan Zeichner, Actor and screenwriter
Susan Zelinsky, Professional singer and stage actress
Greg Zinger, Playwright and film maker